SOC verification

At a Glance, an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) can consolidate the work of many chips into a single, smaller, faster package reducing the manufacturing and support costs while boosting the speed of the device built with this technology. ASIC technology is so advanced that many functions traditionally implemented in software can be migrated into ASIC's functionality. More specifically, ASIC let designers think in terms of Hardware Design connectivity and use the power of constantly improving silicon technology to improve the timing and build devices targeted to specific functions like wireless or consumer electronics domain.

ASIC technology can give a performance improvement of up to threefold and can be always compared with the same functions being executed in software. Over the past decade, ASIC technology has seen major changes or improvements in density and performance driven by the smaller processes of the silicon. Now a days Most of the Major Companies involved in developing the ASIC's solution targeting from 65nm to 45nm technology.

The ASIC verification plays a vital role in proving that the Product is tested in all modes of functionality. To Address the issue of ASIC verification customer will tend make use language construct like VHDL/Verilog for modeling the RTL behavior and High Level Verification Language construct like specman 'e' language or System-Verilog which will help in modeling BFM and as well as generating the scenarios either in Random or Constrained manner.

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  1. How is the scope of SOC verification using C? Can we use linux for pre Silicon verification?

  2. The trend is more towards System Verilog which uses the advanced features of C++ and other hardware description languages. The scope of C for SOC verification is very limited.

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