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Intel Mobile Comm's is looking for a Senior Verif Engineer

Peer code review of RTL, Test bench, Test Cases for 100% Verification closure

Acceleration And Emulation – Why HW/SW Integration Needs Both

Cadence Debuts Verification Computing Platform

SDRAM Memory Systems: Architecture Overview and Design Verification

Enabling Rapid, Reliable Deployment of IP into System Designs

Evolving the Coverage-Driven Verification FlowEvolving the Coverage-Driven Verification Flow

Boosting RTL Verification with High-Level Synthesis

Diagnosing clock domain crossing errors in FPGAs

The Art of Debugging: Make it Fail

e Verification language is alive and well

Toyota Prius 2005: An Early Warning About Verification

Motivation: What else can we talk about verification?

Verification Sessions at DVcon 2010

Clock-Domain Crossing Verification Module

Questa SV/AFV: Verification Methodology Kits

The world of HVLs and VIPs

Verification Plan

Dealing with clock jitter in DDR2/DDR3 based designs

SOC verification

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