Verilog and Specman 'e' Interview Questions

Question 1: Write a verilog assertion for the property that vector S of length 8 is always of even parity and the Hamming distance among its feasible values is 2. (Hamming distance between two values is the number of bits in which the two values differ).

Question 2: There are two bus masters linked to a central arbiter by individual request (REQ#) and grant (GNT#) signals. Each master has its own REQ# and GNT# lines. Apart from this the arbiter also receives an input reset (RST#) signal.
Consider the following timing specification: Whenever the signal RST# is deasserted and in the next clock cycle REQ# is asserted, the GNT# signal is asserted after 3 clock cycles after the REQ# assertion and remains high for 7 clock cycles. Write an 'e' code snippet to check for the above specification. Add to your code an assertion to check that only one GNT# signal is asserted by the arbiter at an instant
of time.

Question 3: Write a verilog code to generate the clock waveform shown in the following figure. The fall and the rising transitions have 300 ps and 200 ps jitter respectively.fig.jpg

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