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Seven Steps to Success in Graduate School and Beyond

This is a list of essential skills that all successful researchers have developed. Without these skills, you cannot expect to succeed in research. If you fully develop your abilities in each of these areas, you will lay a strong foundation for the rest of your research career that will lead directly to success in research. The responsibility for the development of these skills is entirely your own

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Modelsim Tips & Tricks

In this article we will see how to create a simple Tcl script that tests for certain values on a signal and then adds bookmarks that zoom the Wave window when that value exists. Bookmarks allow you to save a particular zoom range and scroll position in the Wave window. The Tcl script also creates buttons in the Main window that call these bookmarks.

1. Create the script.
a. In a text editor, open a new file and enter the following lines:

proc add_wave_zoom {stime num} {
echo "Bookmarking wave $num"
bookmark add wave "bk$num" "[expr $stime - 50] [expr $stime + 100]" 0
add button "$num" [list bookmark goto wave bk$num]

These commands do the following:
• Create a new procedure called "add_wave_zoom" that has two arguments, stime and num.
• Create a bookmark with a zoom range from the current simulation time minus 50 time units to the current simulation time plus 100 time units.
• Add a button to the Main window that calls the bookmark.
b. Now add these lines to the bottom of the script:
You have a RTL counter module with a bus called count..

add wave -r /*
when {clk'event and clk="1"} {
echo "Count is [exa count]"
if {[exa count]== "00100111"} {
add_wave_zoom $now 1
} elseif {[exa count]== "01000111"} {
add_wave_zoom $now 2

These commands do the following:
• Add all signals to the Wave window.
• Use a when statement to identify when clk transitions to 1.
• Examine the value of count at those transitions and add a bookmark if it is a certain value.