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Every JOB is Temporary - A True Story!

This is a story about Raj, name changed for privacy reasons. When I first met him he was a student and an intern in my team. His personality fit exceptionally well into the culture and he worked very hard while in the company. The job was one that I liken to a grudge job for most of us who had to help fill-in during rush times at our start-up. The task was repeatedly running simulations for many in my team and to collate the results while writing some scripts to ease his job, do an analysis that justifies the purpose of the design and share it with the team. For the most part to start of with, he had no clue what he was doing. The team members were least helpful except for the manager who hired him and who frequently challenged his intellect with logic puzzles that he had no problem with :-)

From an Intern to a full time Design Engineer, the transition was seamless.

Raj stuck with that job through the temporary time which I think was initially 6 months then extended for another 3 months to accommodate for his masters thesis and at the end we offered him a permanent position doing the same tasks! He came on-board and meshed right into the culture. He had built relationships the whole time he was an Intern and the transition to full-time was that much easier since he already had friends at work. His tasks and role remained the same for a while.

At a year of service with the company Raj took on a new role at work. At a start-up there all sorts of opportunities to wear new hats and he transitioned to a bigger role. We were a small group (<10) and didn’t have an official RTL expert in-house. So Raj took on this role while creating new RTL blocks for existing Matlab designs and simultaneously learned Verilog since he came from a VHDL background. As we grew as a company Raj put together FPGA Boards and setup the system setup for system level simulations in a Emulation environment.

But EVERY Job Is Temporary

The hard part of this story is that with the downturn in the economy of 2000-2001 our business had to change to maintain control of our destiny and one of those changes was Raj was laid off along with 50% of our colleagues. The layoffs are fresh in my mind. Good friends, including Raj, who had put in so much sweat equity to stand this company up were suddenly gone. Most of those that were gone pondered daily questioning why and what are they going to do, but Raj’s approach appeared to be the same as when he was an Intern. In his words “I’m looking for the next opportunity”.

In any economy, but especially one like our current situation take any position you can get and once you get in look for those opportunities that allow you to shine. All jobs/positions are created because there is a need within the company. So if it’s running simulations blindly or writing trivial scripts that challenge the intellect of you superiors, give it your best and create a place for yourself within the organization.