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Protect Your FPGA Against Piracy: Cost-Effective Authentication Scheme Protects IP in SRAM-Based FPGA Designs

This application note describes FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) and how they can hold the key functions and the intellectual property (IP) of a system. It discusses ways to protect IP against piracy. SHA-1 challenge-and-response authentication is judged as the most secure methodology. This document presents a cost-effective authentication scheme that protects IP in SRAM-based FPGA designs. The DS28E01 and DS28CN01 1-Wire devices are featured.

Advanced On-Chip Variation (OCV) in PrimeTime

This application note from synopsys describes the advanced on-chip variation (OCV) solution in PrimeTime, including the recommended usage flow, and also provides an example script. The information described in this document is valid for PrimeTime versions starting with B-2008.12.

Debug and Validation of High Performance Mixed Signal Designs

Modern embedded and computing systems have become progressively more powerful by incorporating high-speed buses, industry standard subsystems, and more integrated functionality in chips. They have also become more complex, more sensitive to signal quality, and more time consuming to troubleshoot. While standards exist for many technologies commonly used within high performance digital systems, a major test requirement is to ensure that all elements are synchronized and perform as a seamless, integrated whole. This application note discusses testing and tools that enable evaluation of not only a single element, but also an entire system.